Energy and Infrastructure projects are seemingly complex and face technology challenges at each phase of project life-cycle.

We offer tailored project management service to meet specific requirements of the industry. We are very flexible in our approach in implementing the best strategy to provide full management support. We work with you to identify different phases that are required to develop and execute the project efficiently in a cost-effective manner. With our extensive experience in project life-cycle, we take care of conceptual development, FEED, Development, Construction and operational management with qualified engineering discipline.


Procurement is the most challenging part of your business, from materials to equipments.

We, at Eferty Trading, make sure that you always get what you need to sustain and grow your project. We explore manufactured goods and material throughout the world and supply all that is required for your business. Our relationship with renowned suppliers, manufacturers and refineries enable us to establish an exceptional supply chain to meet all your delivery requirements. We take full responsibility of your purchasing portfolio, purchasing management and logistics involved.


Through our partners, we have developed a technical team, qualified across a variety of disciplines maintaining close contact with Universities and Research Centers which allow us to be on the front line of technological development.

We offer everything from Viability Studies to Detailed Engineering. Our continued commitment to upgrading and innovation allows it to offer tailored solutions based on latest generation technology.


Energy and Insfrastructure industry requires skilled and specialized manpower to handle anything in any phase.

We, at Eferty, are capable of recruiting and facilitating Process Engineers, Control Engineers, Operators, Construction Engineers, Pipeline Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Civil Engineers, Strucutral Engineers, Maintenance Engineers,  Welding Engineers, Instrument Engineers and other skilled labours. We make sure that every personnel is vetted throughly and is capable of handling needs according to your specific needs and business plan.